Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Easiest Cakes Ever: 6 Dump Cakes Youll Crave

DumpCakeCollage 1024x694 The Easiest Cakes Ever: 6 Dump Cakes Youll Crave

My daughter came home the other day, wondering if I could help her make a cake for school. I dragged my feet on the project for all of four hours because cake making just makes me tired. Its not hard to make a cake, it just takes time, so I sometimes get lazy on the making of cakes. Dump Cakes to the rescue! These easy versions of cake making are simple and splendid! Just dump everything into a single cake pan, blob it all together, then bake! Here are 6 fancy-licious Dump Cakes that are crazy easy and deliciously simple!

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