Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Ideas for Healthy Halloween Snacks Kids Will Love

healthy halloween cover 10 Ideas for Healthy Halloween Snacks Kids Will Love

Halloween is upon us. And that means candy, candy, and more candy. And while Id like to hide my kids from all things sugary and florescent, letting them eat some sweet stuff this time of year seems like part of the parenting deal. But that doesnt mean it has to be all they eat. In fact, having a few healthy alternatives to candy might even be a welcome break from all those sweets. Kids still need protein, fruits, vegetables, and fiber. So give them the best of both worlds by offering up some of these kid-friendly, healthier options during your Halloween festivities.

Image: Brooke McLay, Jaime Mormann, Sarah ODonnell, and Brooklyn Supper

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 10 Ideas for Healthy Halloween Snacks Kids Will Love
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