Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Creepy Fun: Hand Ice Cubes for the Punch Bowl

Hand Ice Cube Creepy Fun: Hand Ice Cubes for the Punch Bowl

When I saw something similar to this on Pinterest the other day I had to give it a try. I recently had some of my daughters friends over for a playdate and they wanted punch so it was the perfect opportunity. I love this little ice cube trick because it is one of those simply awesome things you can do for Halloween parties that takes two seconds to make and it is SO worth it. The kids squealed with delight when they say them and asked to have me chip off pieces of the fingers for their cups!

Hand Ice Cubes

A few pairs of simple disposable rubber gloves

Big bowl of punch or cider

Fill the gloves with water and tie shut. Freeze on a flat surface. We put them on a plate in the freezer. IF you want the hands to look bloody add a drop or two of red food coloring or beet juice to the water in the glove before you tie it shut. Once the gloves are frozen remove them from the freezer and cut off the glove. Discard. Place the ice in the bowl and enjoy!

 Creepy Fun: Hand Ice Cubes for the Punch Bowl
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