Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dance Party in the Dining Room

sweater unraveled Dance Party in the Dining Room

Are you familiar with the song from 1994 Undone by the band Weezer? Its also called The Sweater Song if that helps ring a bell.

If you want to destroy my sweater. Woah woah a woah.
Pull this thread as I walk away. As I walk away!
Watch me unravel, Ill soon be naked.
Lying on the floor, Lying on the floor! Ive come undone.

Well, I had a similar experience with my old berber carpet and a vacuum cleaner.

averagebetty kitchen tall Dance Party in the Dining Room

we covered the whole house in laminate

You can just see it happening, right?

One afternoon as I vacuumed around the fireplace, a single strand of berber caught in the vacuum.

Like something out of a cartoon, my entire living room floor was unraveling and being sucked into my vacuum cleaner. Although I pulled the plug as quickly as I could, the damage was undeniable and unrepairable.

Thankfully, this catastrophe resulted in new laminate flooring.

So in my case, it wasnt Undone but rather, redone.

Trust me, if I had known this mishap would expedite the removal of that hideous berber, I would have done a lot more vacuuming around the fireplace.

So, how did we decide to go with laminate in a sea of flooring options?

Laminate flooring is economical to purchase, install and maintain.

It looks like real wood but its really just a photograph of hardwood over composite wood. And those photographs are worth thousands in savings over real hardwood. Laminate also resists moisture so its more durable and easier to clean regularly. No buffing, waxing or staining required.

To us, laminate flooring seemed like a more environmentally friendly option.

Its made from composite wood, or sawdust and scraps pressed together. Laminate endangers no sustainable or unsustainable hardwood.

We were able to put laminate everywhere.

Our three bedroom, two and a half bath loft-style condo isnt large, so using a cohesive material throughout doesnt break up the space and make it seem even smaller. We have laminate in the kitchen, dining room, up the stairs, all three bedrooms, even the bathrooms.

spilled wine 500 Dance Party in the Dining Room

clean up is a breeze with laminate flooring

But the number one reason? You cant have a good dance party in your house on carpet.

Dancing, spills, even regular high-traffic on carpet and hardwood can cause scratches and stains much more easily than on laminate.

And I dont know about you, but the thought of dancing in the dining room? Well, speaking of 1994 that makes me want to Shoop!

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 Dance Party in the Dining Room
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