Friday, October 5, 2012

UNReal Candy: Supermodel Approved.

Screen Shot 2012 10 04 at 10.16.48 PM e1349414508730 UNReal Candy: Supermodel Approved.

UNReal Candy Minis - credit: UNReal Instagram / Facebook pages

This Halloween, trick-or-treat candy is likely to fill you house. Bags and bags of the stuff. But one new, buzz-worthy company promises to deliver all your favorite candy flavors (peanut butter cups, chocolate shell candy and even chocolate caramel bars) in a new, unjunked package. The candy company UNReal has a few big names on board, including supermodel Giselle, actor Matt Damon, football player Tom Brady and Twitters Jack Dorsey. Check out the Giselle-infused UNReal promo video (it is kid-approved in a taste test!) and find out what makes UNReal candy so darn special..

UNReal says it is unjunked because the product is:

* no corn syrup
* no artificial ingredients
* no GMOs
* no preservatives
* low-glycemic index

Giselle and more celebs are featured in this promo video..

Interesting concept, right? So will you be buying UNReal this Halloween? Mini-size candy packs are available at CVS, Staples and more soon like Target.

photo credit: GetUNReal Instagram / Facebook pages

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 UNReal Candy: Supermodel Approved.
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